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Providing solutions to our customers is the joy of NST.
We provide the most adequate solutions for our customers in various fields including
the next generation transportation equipment, light and energy, health/medicine,
and new agriculture to name a few.

NST measurement control communication technology to respond promptly to customers' needs



    • ECU inspection
    • ABS inspection
    • Crank shaft measurement device
    • Valve clearance measuring
    • Clutch rotation torque measuring
    • Transmission motoring bench
    • Oil pump test
    • HV/EV motor test device
    • Lithium ion battery inspection device
    • Resolver inspection/adjustment
    • Gear meshing machine
    • Shim selection device
    • Housing inspection
    • Seal material/FIPG applicator

Electrical machineryElectrical machinery

    • General purpose motor test machine
    • Substrate dividing machine
    • Light distribution measurement machine
    • Spectrophotometer

Heavy industryHeavy industry

    • Plate measurement device
    • Ultrasonic flaw detection machine on steel
    • Special steel polishing device
    • Automated charpy test
    • Large caliber steel pipe machining measurement machine

Machine toolsMachine tools

    • Blade breakage inspection
    • NC control device (Fanuc and Yasukawa Siemens)
    • Plotter


    • Wafer alignment device
    • Bonder mounter control
    • In-circuit tester
    • Auto handler
    • High precision drawing device
    • Pellet sorting machine

Chemical and FoodChemical and Food

    • Tape adhesive force measuring
    • Automatic precision bottling dispensing apparatus
    • Powder conveying
    • Ice cream transporting

Medical careMedical care

    • Surgery navigation system
    • Larynx stroboscope
    • High precision microsurgery machine
    • Lymphoid pressure measuring device
    • Blood paste extraction device


    • Rice grain sorter
    • Tea leaf separator
    • Gerbera cap covering machine
    • Onion skin peeler

Sports and AmusementSports and Amusement

    • Ski, snowboard, Bat, Running shoe selection support system
    • Motion controller for virtual reality game