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Measurement Equipment

Measuring controller with PLC MC-Smart


Low price, smart, and revolutionary measurement controller with integrated dimension measuring function, PLC, and communication function.

Abnormal sound (vibration) detection unit NT-100


Perform quantified stable test instead of unstable sensory test.
Everybody can conduct vivration and sound pass/fail judgment simply and with cost.

Touch probe type measuring device MT-360


The compact, low price, and easy to operate touch probe type inline measuring deveice for inline and offline use.
Meet the customers' needs such as defective item detection in assembly process and dimensional measuring on a specfic place in addition to general machining work measurement.

Resolver installation angle measuring device RM-100


Installation angle measurable just by manually turning a motor.
Able to adjust by looking at the screen that displays real time angle data.


Controll Unit

FA controller NX-2000


Support all the way from a small scale system to large scale system.
Reduce wiring man-hours and cable cost, and improve reliability and maintainablity.
Easy programming with simple language.

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Simple programming tool of NX-2000 NX-Fit


Navigation software specially designed for NX-2000.
Control program that fits on site completes by creating a simple flow chart.

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Optimized for data monitoring and collection of multiple channels NX-2000-DL


Data logger system for data collection and monitoring of various types of devices.
Able to set the unit with distribution placement according to a facility.

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Transport system

Rail guided vihicle RGV


By receiving power supply from a tracked rail installed on floor, this tracked unmanned transport carrier self-drives through guide.

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Hazard simulation system

For occupational safety training Hazard simulation system

Electric shock simulator

Electric shock simulator

Simulating electric shock and understanding body resistance

Experimenting with electric shock by applying a voltage load onto the fingers.
Understanding how individuals feel the electric shock differently.

Spinning rollers simulator

Spinning rollers simulator

Simulating getting caught by spinning rollers

Understanding the relationship between the spinning speed and the distance to the rollers to avoid accidents.
Understanding the hazards when working near spinning rollers.

Chain and sprocket simulator

Chain and sprocket simulator

Simulating getting caught between chain and sprocket

Simulating a hazardous situation by inserting a wooden stick into the chain and sprocket.

Air cylinder rod simulator

Air cylinder rod simulator

Simulating being struck by air cylinder rod

Understanding how air cylinder works.
Removing the mechanical safety stopper while pressure remains to simulate a hazardous situation.



Foolproof controller Mr.POKAYOKE


Easy configurable foolproof system standardization required for manual assembly station.
Full of functions but small size and low cost.

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The packaging solution to protect the gerbera flower Gerbera cup machine

Gerbera cup machine

Just insert a gerbera in the gerbera cup machine, and the machine will fit the cup easily around the flower.
The cup machine is suitable for non-specialist labor, and therefore everybody could work with the gerbera cup machine.